About Us

A Huge Welcome To Our Shop 
​Hi, my name is Jess and I sell natural Forage blends for small animals; these are a healthier alternative to shop bought treats, a base feed should remain whilst feeding forage.

Our goal is to make every bun happy. Our unique brand was established in 2018 as a result of a large increase in unsafe pet shops and treats. After struggling to buy healthy alternatives to the sugar filled snacks on the shelves, I decided to research for a healthier diet and consequently Healthier Hops was established. Our brand stands out from others because our blends, treats and boredom breakers are created and packaged in our own bunstudio.

Having a friendly shop that makes bunnies happy is my ultimate goal. I love nothing more than speaking to my customers and admiring your beautiful pets. I will always strive to send out the best parcels possible, if I would be happy to receive them then they're ready to go. 

I have had rabbits for more than 15years, from a young age I absolutely fell involve and have had bunnies ever since. We have welcomed bunnies from rescues, ex-breeding rabbits and rabbits abandoned on our doorstep into our home. I truly believe that they are family pets and should be treated as one. As well as bunnies, we have also had guinea pigs within the family. I aspire one day to expand and have a secret bunny garden with tunnels and sheds, welcoming any homeless bun to be a taste tester here at HealthierHops. 

We use compostable and recyclable packaging; an environmentally friendly approach is so important to us. All of our forage is sourced within the UK and is natural with no nasties added. Not only is our forage natural but our toys are also made with completely safe bunny items. We use natural seagrass instead of string (which is a much safer alternative), bunny safe wood and no glue.

 Every blend has been taste tested by my own bunchildren so they’re all bunny approved!