Our bags that are used for our forage are compostable. Our boxes can be recycled as well as our boredom breakers. 
We only use products with pet safe and non- toxic dyes. 
We use forage from the UK as well as packaging. 
Information For Businesses
To people setting up businesses and want some help I will advise on what I can. I will not say
-Where I get my products from
-How I make them
-Equpiment used
-What boxes I use
-What packaging I use
-Personal information
I have spent hours and hours researching this. Years for the base items.
This is not me being defensive just protecting what I’ve built up from scratch- nobody helped me.
My products are all 100% safe and all extra items are non toxic - I will only sell what I would give to my bunnies!
I have had so many people buy items from me and then steal my ideas! It breaks my heart.
Please do not be offended and think I’m defensive if I won’t give the brand of an item away - it is better for you to research and find what works best for you
Below Find Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions 
Will My Blend Look Like The Photo On The Slate?
Our photos show all of the ingredients placed in piles. The same quantities are put inside the blends, however during transit they can be shaken. Consequently this means that leaves and flowers can then fall to the bottom. A gentle shake will redistribute this. 
Sadly, as we only use natural ingredients they can crumble in the post. This is not 'dust' as we use dust extracted hay. This is just crumbled leaves and your furbabies will still enjoy them! 
Colour intensity of each ingredient will vary throughout the seasons. 
Do You Ship Internationally?
Please message us for more details regarding this. 
Can I Make Up My Own Blend?
We understand that some pets can be picky about what they like to eat. With 7 fussy bunnies we are happy to try and accommodate required blends as best as we can. 
What If I Have Allergies?
If you have an allergy and choose to purchase we can't be responsible for the outcome. 
Return Policy
Due to the high risk of RHD2 and Encephalitozoon cuniculi we do not allow any items back into our studio. This is to protect our customers. Instead of returning your item you can request a refund.

Refund Policy
In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your order you can request a refund. You have up to 30days after purchase to do this. You can contact us via email, Instagram, Facebook or the contact form on our website. We ask that you send us some photos to be inspected. We can ether refund or resend the order depending on the issue.
If your refund is approved we will initiate a refund. This will be to your original method of payment and this will take place within 14 working days of the original refund approval.
Are Your Products Actually Safe?
Yes, we would only sell products that are safe. A lot of research has gone into our products. We use natural seagrass instead of twine which can get wrapped around the intestines. 
We dry our treats at 60*’s (160-165F) to prevent bacteria growth. Whilst drying they must maintain a constant dehydrator temperature to (130-140F) It is important because the process must be fast enough to dry before spoils and it must remove enough water that micro organisms are unable to grow. Obviously the time for this depends on how thick the fruit is cut or the thickness of the treats. I also package them all cool! Unlike some shops that pack them warm!! This can create moisture which causes bacterial growth which is incredibly dangerous!


We also have divided our products into categories to ensure it is clear which animals they're suitable for. You are therefore responsible for following our feeding guides and giving your pet the correct items.