Meet The Bunnies

Smudge came to live with me in January 2018. He was surrendered to a rescue as he couldn't be used for breeding anymore.
I picked Smudge up when I had Dorit to be her husbun. Smudge has the largest personality in the shed. He is head of the garden and is the first to welcome new rabbits into the garden, Often showing them who's boss through the bars, as our garden is divided so all rabbits can free roam around. Smudge lives happily with Chip and Tati and enjoys his nose being stroked. Smudge loves dandelion leaves and dandelion root. ​
After Dorit passed away in May 2018, Tati came to live with us to be a wife for Smudge. After a six hour round trip, on the hot bank holiday weekend, Tati was home. Previously called Summer! She slotted into our rabbitry perfectly from the start. She is the happiest rabbit that you could ever meet. She is first to greet me everyday in the shed and often follows me around the garden at my heels. Tati loves all forage! She would happily stuff her face all day given half the chance. ​
Chip came to live with me in September 2019. He was bred for show but he has a tight crown so he didn't fit the criteria. He lives with Smudge and Tati. He relies on them a lot as he has problems with his sight. Over the last few months he has really come out of his shell. He loves nothing more than a tickle under the chin and to flop on his dolls bed. His all time favourite forage are dried raspberries (his ears stand up if the fresh ones are sour!) and barley rings. Oh and carrot is his all time favourite! He will run around the garden with carrot crunches in this mouth!
Petunia has a huge personality in our shed. She is a feisty girl that is always the centre of attention. She frequently clashes with Bubbles due to being two very dominant girls and they are now unable to free roam in pens next to each other! She is an extremely energetic bunny that will come to the bars for the odd nose stroke, however she much prefers binkying around the garden and flopping on Willow and Parsley. Petunia came to live with us in June 2019. She adores all forage, however blackberry leaves and nettle are her favourites. 
Willow is Parsley's cousin and came to live with us at the same time. I hadn't planned to bring her home and Parsley was meant to be my seventh and last rabbit. How could I say no to her beautiful face?! Willow is one of my favourite bunnies, I know you aren't allowed favourites but she has the most stunning personality. She is quiet and strikingly beautiful. She has the softest fur and will happily come for a chin rub and then potter around the garden. She adores banana and strawberries like most bunnies. Willow lives with Parsley and Petunia. ​
 Parsley has one of the funniest personalities in the shed. His nickname is actually Roo, as in kangaroo, because he is always bouncing around the shed. You have never met a rabbit that binkies as much as Parsley! He adores having his nose stroked although he much prefers running around and digging holes in the garden! His favourite forage is echinacea and peaflakes. He is the biggest hay eater in the shed and is often found flopped in the litter tray! Parsley came to live with us in June 2019 and is bonded to Willow and Petunia. ​
 Bubbles has perhaps one of the saddest stories. She is the most damaged rabbit that I have had in the shed. Bubbles came to live with me, with her sister Doore (Rest in Peace), in September 2018. She was kept in a rotten hutch for 4-6 years so her age is unknown. A rat got into the bottom of the hutch and ate her cage mate. Instead of the family fixing the problem, Bubbles was left in my garden. It has taken her almost a year to come out of her shell. Finding her husbun Bugs helped her enormously. She is now happy enjoying her golden years pottering around the garden. Bubbles adores plantain, banana and barley rings! She will often run around the garden with them in her mouth. ​
Bugs (Rest In Peace Nov 2020)
Bugs was abandoned at the same rescue as Smudge. He had been living with another neutered male, however they did not get along! They were forced to live with each other for 4 years, until they were abandoned at a rescue. Bugs is a very quiet rabbit. He asks for nothing in life and is very happy fast asleep on his mat. The sun can just reach his nose and he will lay here all day. He sadly doesn't like to leave the shed. He has a very hunched structure from where he was confined to a hutch for so long. Bugs is just left to enjoy his golden years with Bubbles who has a similar personality. Bugs came to live with me in May 2019. ​