Barley Ring Bow Wreath

Barley Ring Bow Wreath

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Barley Ring Bow Wreath

Our Barley Ring Wreaths are incredibly popular amongst bunnies! They enjoy throwing them around.

  • Contains Barley Rings and Wooden Beads
  • Made Using Natural Seagrass

Due to these being extremely calorific they must NOT be left unsupervised in an enclosure for a bunny to eat everything in one go. We recommend following the following guide per day as a maximum. You must weigh your pet regularly and adjust this.

  • Under 6months - Half A Ring
  • Over 6months - A Whole Ring

Bunnies enjoy throwing toys around which is why we have created this toy to provide entertainment for your bunny and a healthier snack to shop bought treats which contain many nasties.

You Should Always Supervise Pets Whilst Playing To Ensure That Large Amounts Aren't Consumed

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