Bunny Treat Pouch

Bunny Treat Pouch

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The perfect treat pouch for bunnies. Over 6months


x4 Forest Sticks, Pea and Mint

x8 Meadow Loops, Timothy Hay and Thyme 

x8 Country Loops, Carrot and Timothy Hay

Small Handful of Barley Rings

They are often used during the winter months to help with weight gain to achieve the perfect winter weight and they provide a healthier snack than shop bought treats.

It's important to note that if your pet is a healthy weight this must be maintained, for this reason we would recommend offering half a ring or a quarter of a ring. 

We recommend following the following guide per day as a maximum. You must weigh your pet regularly and adjust this. Offer barley rings maximum 3times a week. 

  • Under 6months - Half A Ring
  • Over 6months - A Whole Ring

Jar Not Included

 How To Store

Store In The Packets Provided In A Dark, Dry, Cool Place. We Recommend Storing In The Boxes That Products Are Delivered In.


We Provide A Clear Feeding Guide For Each Forage Order And Boredom Breaker. Clean Water And Fresh Hay Should Always Be Available.

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