Carrot Cone Hay Topper- All Things Apple
Carrot Cone Hay Topper- All Things Apple

Carrot Cone Hay Topper- All Things Apple

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When I first opened my shop in 2018 I used to sell hay toppers, these were so popular. As I sold more I just didn’t have time which is such a shame as your buns loved them. This morning I had the idea to make carrot cones.
I’m starting with our rainbow mix but will be bringing more flavours in the future

One Cone £2.75

Apple Twigs, Apple Leaves, Apple Slices. With Timothy Hay 

Suitable for Rabbits

What to expect?

Cones are 5.1"x9.8" with additional Timothy hay. 

How To Store

Store In The Packets Provided In A Dark, Dry, Cool Place. We Recommend Storing In The Boxes That Products Are Delivered In.


We Provide A Clear Feeding Guide For Each Forage Order And Boredom Breaker. Clean Water And Fresh Hay Should Always Be Available.

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