Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root

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Suitable For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, Not for Human Consumption. 

Dandelion Root is a natural treat that is perfect for keeping teeth down and keeping the fur babies chewing what they're meant to! Dandelion Root also has some incredibly beneficial properties, it is beneficial to the immune system and is packed full of Vitamins.

What to expect?

It can be hard to get across in photos how much of a product you will receive.. We hope that this guide will help. Please note that dandelion root is considered heavier than leaves. If you are interested in purchasing a larger amount we recommend that you choose a larger quantity.

The bag that we package snacks in is approximately 120x162x20mm. Due to the weight of this for thicker root we recommend choosing 200grams. An individual stick can weigh up to 40grams! Due to it being a completely natural product it can also vary significantly in sizes. We do our best to ensure a variety of smaller pieces and thicker piece.

How To Store

Store In The Packets Provided In A Dark, Dry, Cool Place. We Recommend Storing In The Boxes That Products Are Delivered In.


We Provide A Clear Feeding Guide For Each Forage Order And Boredom Breaker. Clean Water And Fresh Hay Should Always Be Available.

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