Original Hamster Forage

Original Hamster Forage

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Each bag is 40 grams. They contain Blackberry Leaves, Raspberry Leaves, Calendula, Blue Cornflower, PeaFlakes, Dandelion Leaves and Chamomile.

Suitable for Hamsters. Not For Human Consumption

How To Store

Store In The Packets Provided In A Dark, Dry, Cool Place. We Recommend Storing In The Boxes That Products Are Delivered In.


We Provide A Clear Feeding Guide For Each Forage Order And Boredom Breaker. Clean Water And Fresh Hay Should Always Be Available.

Please note that we use fine cut leaves in some of our blends, these can drop in the bag whilst on their way to you. We recommend shaking the bag gently to mix it all-around. The colour of flowers, leaves and other ingredients can also vary slightly due to the seasons. Please note the bag WILL NOT look exactly like the photo, this is to ensure that you can see each ingredient.

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